Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My 26th Birthday...

I can't express the joy that I felt on my birthday. Believe it or not, everything I do involves a lot of work and a lot of thought. I am perfectionist and when I have a vision, I can't accept anything but it happening to completion. I have never had a surprise birthday party. I'm honestly not a fan of surprises because nothing really excites me but seeing the fulfillment of what I set forth to do. On that note, I really saw who my real friends were-when we sat in the room of the Marriott in Times Square NYC and I looked around, I told my newest good friend who came all the way from LA, "I'm gonna look back and really appreciate all of this". Everyone was there, dressed to the T, excited to be there on one of the coldest days of the season directly following a blizzard. That moment was worth all of the time, stress, money, more stress and more money and planning that went into planning that party. I couldn't have asked for more. The Venue was amazing. Thanks Rich. Thanks to everyone that came out. We had an amazing time. I hope you all enjoy your gift bags. 

Directly following my party I had to attend my grandmother's funeral in Maryland. Talk about bad timing. But what could've been a really sad day ended up being amazing. I got to see so much of my family who I haven't seen in a long time. Everyone was in good spirits. My mother, my heart, was all smiles. It was my father's mother. But he seemed to be in good spirits too. I didn't want to leave but I had to get back to New York. Little did I know there was a surprise waiting. 

I was told that there was another party being planned for me that evening. So i rallied up the troops and I got in town and headed directly to the party. Thanks Brice, Andre & Club Secret. I love my friends and everyone who keeps me sane in my crazy little world.  I know i'm a handful.   lol. I couldn't have asked for a more exhausting, but spacial birthday!!

(Celebrating like a true capricorn: We start and end the year and I started and ended my birthday with a party. lol). Until next time.Special thanks to Ricky, my friend and party planner for bringing my ideas to life and adding some of your own...as well as for driving up here from South Carolina! Couldn't have done it without ya!

Tim, aka Martha...your cupcakes were everything I could've asked for. Thanks.

Looking forward to many good things this year! 



  1. With pleasure to hear of your successful Birthday; Sorry for the lost in your family.

  2. better late than never ... Happy Birthday amigo ... may all your dreams become reality !

  3. wow and happy belated bday to you from your favourite fan in Ghana West Africa. I have everything you do and always pray for Gods guidance and blessings on your life till we meet before I leave this planet earth. I wish you all the best in life with much love from moi. cakes lol

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